Beautiful Technology: Flick Kick Football

Simple is beautiful, especially when it comes to wasting time in the checkout line at the grocery store. What’s better than reading headlines about how Brangelina adopted another miniature human from somewhere on the African continent? Bulging the old onion bag, of course. Introducing Flick Kick Football by PikPok, the coolest looking and most simple game you’ll find for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android today.

Flick Kick Football Features:

Multiple Modes including:

Practice Mode, to get your game up to par
Arcade mode to show what you can do when it really counts
Time Attack for those that like to race the clock, or with limited time for greatness

Intuitive Flick Kicking – Sweep your finger across the ball to drive, curve and power the ball past walls of defenders
Unique ‘Golden Era’ of Football Presentation – Immerse yourself in graphics that will bring the nostalgia of the era back
OpenFeint Leaderboards and Achievements – So the world can see that you’re a better player than your friends

Because this is the 21st century and you’re going to think I’m lying if I don’t provide actual video proof…

Get some and more at the official PikPok games website.

Flick Kick Football at iTunes.

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