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Nike France Away Kit Honors the Past

You didn’t think the Nike France train was stopping after releasing the ultra classy new home shirt and equally stylish Nike Sportswear range, did you?

Today Nike unveils the new French Football away shirt, keeping up the trend of honoring the past and maintaining an eye to the future, while also making whoever wears these garments look incredibly cool in that exact moment in time. Feast your eyes on this:

The new away jersey takes strong visual cues from the ‘mariniere’, a piece of French history since the last century, and now a timeless French style icon. The mariniere first appeared as the uniform of sailors in the French navy in the 19th century and was first seen in civilian wardrobes in the early 20th century. Soon, it would become a symbol of French culture, adopted by free-spirited individuals in France and beyond.

Crest detail:


Slogan over the heart:

And if that isn’t enough for you greedy bastards, check out these moving pictures with helpful English subtitles:

NIKE FFF Away Jersey Video from Jay SMITH on Vimeo.

The FFF away kit will be available as of March 26 and pre-ordered as of March 11, on www.nikestore.com and www.fff.fr


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