Your Beautiful Gear: Portman Kunis United

(Update: Click here for our interview with the kit’s creator and info on how to order your own.)

One of the major reasons we issued the call for your beautiful gear submissions was to showcase creativity just like this. Some football clubs have names draped in the allure of old European history, such as Real Madrid who were given the “royal” distinction by King Alfonso XIII in 1920 together with the royal crown in the emblem. Others are simply a product of 21st century capitalism, such as Thierry Henry’s New York Red Bulls, who also happen to play their home games in Red Bull Arena and are owned by the energy drink Red Bull. Portman Kunis United, however, falls under the special category of artistic appreciation. Never heard of the club? Let our man Mike Miller explain…

I’ve got an indoor soccer team in Division 11 (1 being best, 11 being worst… obviously) here in Dallas Texas and I would like to submit our team jerseys which I designed and made. The patches are embroidered and the lettering is authentic jersey vinyl on Adidas Predator blanks. While we only finished 3rd in our division, I like to think we looked good doing it. The team name is Portman Kunis United (aka The Scissors). It’s a tribute to Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan, for their….. amazing acting. Notice the handcrafted numbering, custom with a swan on each number.

Away version:

Hey! It’s our old pal Bert! That is pretty damn awesome.

That Umbro Diamond Icons Classic Track Jacket is still up for grabs, so keep sending in your stuffs and we’ll keep posting ‘em. Do it.

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