“The Football Match” by L.S. Lowry: A £5.6 million Football Painting

If I ever get the chance to “ball out” on the level I’m hoping to one day, something like this would be nice for the abode. Check out the incredibly expensive painting entitled “The Football Match” by L.S. Lowry.

The depiction of a 1949 match went for £5.6 million ($9.2 million) at Christie’s in London on May 26. The buyer was anonymous, so we can’t even give the person who bought it a call to see if we can come by and check out what $9 million of football art looks like.

The painting was locked away for twenty years after doing a tour back in 1950. It even made stops in the United States, where those lucky enough to see it wondered why there weren’t cheerleaders and beer ads.

I like it.

Seen over at the extremely wonderful KCKRS.

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