1982 Spain World Cup Posters

The art around a World Cup is one of the coolest elements of the world’s biggest sporting tournament that no other similar event can even come close to matching. Check out this awesome collection of 1982 World Cup posters from when the tournament was hosted by the current world champions.

For some editions of the World Cup, as well as a poster commemorating the host country, a poster for each host city was commissioned. I was recently lucky enough to share a house with the posters of some of the Spanish cities that hosted matches in 1982, but I have been unable to find an online resource displaying all of them. The posters are a fantastic piece of football art history so, for the sake of posterity, I am going to curate a collection of the works here (for ‘curate’ read ‘nick from other websites’).

Barcelona – Antoni Tàpies:

Bilbao – Eduardo Chillida

Madrid – Eduardo Arroyo:

Elche – Jiří Kolář:

Oviedo – Pol Bury

Valencia – Valerio Adami:

Head over to on Goals Scored for the full collection of amazing art.

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