Lionel Messi’s adidas adiZero F50 miCoach boots

Starting in November the likes of Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, Samir Nasri and Ashley Young will be a wearing a new version of the adiZero F50. So what’s different about it? Well, it has a brain.

OK, so it’s not exactly HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey in a football boot, but it is pretty interesting technology. And it is “the first boot ever to enable players across the country at every level to analyse their game just like the pro’s and compare their performance to adidas professional players, team mates and friends.”

Adidas explains:

The Technology

·          The adiZero F50 boot includes a built in cavity within the outsole which houses the revolutionary miCoach Sensor (Data Capture Chip).

·          The miCoach Sensor captures 360 degrees movement and measures key performance metrics including speed, average speed (recorded every second), maximum speed (recorded every five seconds), number of sprints, distance covered, distance at high intensity levels as well as steps and stride rates.

·  The on-board memory stores up to seven hours of all measurements during your game or training and then wirelessly transmits the on pitch performance data to your tablet, PC or MAC.

·  The stats can also be uploaded to existing training plans via the miCoach website, which are then incorporated into personalised coaching programs that miCoach technology creates specifically for you.

F50 Boot Technology

The adiZero F50 miCoach boot includes breakthrough adidas technologies including:

·  Sprintweb: providing stability during high speed movements,

·  Sprintskin: a revolutionary single layer synthetic for incredible ball-feeling and reduced weight, and,

·  Sprintframe: uses geometrics and new stud construction to offer the perfect balance between lightweight and stability.

·  This technology combined means the adiZero F50 boot weighs only 165g

To bring the data from playing in the boot to life adidas have created two unique experiences:

-Players can download their stats to their smartphone and directly into a newly created platform that will take personal performance stats and build them into the ultimate gaming experience

-Players can download their data to the miCoach.com online training hub to see graphical representations of their performance, relevant training programs from the best clubs in the world to help improve performance, and ways of sharing and comparing their performance

The new adiZero F50 boot will be available at adidas own retail outlets and specialist retail stores nationwide from the 15th November, at £200. Additionally, the adiZero F50 miCoach bundle will be available from wholesale outlets at £245 and includes a pair of adiZero F50 boots, a speed sensor and a smart device dongle, miCoach CONNECT, for iPod and iPhone as well as the miCoach CONNECT for PC / MAC.

But when your boots became self-aware and enslave your feet to do their evil bidding, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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