Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis Ball

Winter means two things: cold hands and yellow balls. And Nike base layers for warmth. And I guess a lot of other things too… But back to the yellow balls:

Continuing to bring new innovations to football, the Hi-Vis ball features NIKE RaDaR technology, which means Rapid Decision and Response. As a lab and field-tested standard of visual performance Nike RaDaR technology allows players to see the ball better and capitalize on split second scoring and passing opportunities.

In the game of football, precision sight is of utmost importance. The Nike Seitiro is engineered to stand out on pitch when conditions are not ideal. The Hi-Vis yellow and purple color combination flaunts additional fluorescence and brighteners, making it even more visible in low light conditions than previous generations of Hi-Vis balls.

Containing its patented Hi-Vis casing, performance graphic, and unique five-layer construction, the Nike Seitiro is the pinnacle in football innovation. The ball’s touch, aerodynamic stability and Nike RaDaR technology make it the best ball on the planet. It’s no wonder that this is the ball of choice for the world’s best leagues and players.

Get yours for £90.00 at the Nike store.

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