Umbro Universitario de Deportes Home Shirt

Umbro flat out kills it with these Peruvian club shirts. Get a load of the detailed inside of the shirt intended to keep what matters most closest to the heart.

Football teams often talk about keeping their fans close at heart, but Peru’s finest team have gone one step further with their latest home shirt. Universitario de Deportes, based in the capital city of Lima, have stitched a special crest onto the inside of their new shirt, so that it will be close to the heart of both players and fans that wear it and show their support around the world.

The special internal crest has been created by Peruvian artist and Universitario fan Cherman, inspired by one of the team’s nicknames, ‘Garra Crema’ – the Cream Claws. While this is a literal translation of the team’s colours, ‘garra’ is also considered to be a local word for resilliance and strength, and is seen by the Universitario fans as a key characteristic of the team.

The new shirt, which the team will wear throughout the forthcoming 2012 season, has been Tailored by Umbro to reflect the culture and history of the team, who were the first Peruvian squad to reach the final of the Copa Libertadores. Alongside the internal crest, the shirt also features the supporter’s ‘garra crema’ logo on the hem. Crafted from a lightweight cotton/polyester fabric, the shirt also features the team’s iconic U logo embroidered on the chest.

Need one of these. Real classy.

Seen at the Umbro blog.

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