Nike Euro 2012 Portugal Away shirt

Continuing the cavalcade of away kits Nike have been releasing is the one that will be worn by Cristiano Ronaldo and some other people who are not Cristiano Ronaldo. And no, this isn’t the same as Juventus’ 2010/11 away shirt. It’s slightly different.

The new away shirt is white with a large cross covering the entire front, which is a revered Portuguese national symbol, previously emblazoned on the sails of the ships Portugal’s explorers navigated around the world. The cross is half in green and half in red, divided at its centre with a diagonal line to represent the Armillary Sphere.

Inside the neck is another Armillary Sphere, an astronomical and navigation instrument, which these explorers used to discover the world. It has been a national symbol for over 500 years, featuring in architecture, and most famously as the background to the Portuguese shield on the national flag.

This is exactly how Cristiano sees himself when he looks in the mirror.

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