Nike France Euro 2012 Away Kit

New kits for everyone. France too. I expect the French to bounce back with regards to major tournaments this summer. I suppose these are the clothes they will be wearing when they do that.

The new France away kit brilliantly represents their natural style and elegance by featuring iconic details and designs from French fashion. The new away shirt has a classic white body with seven thin obsidian blue stripes on the cuff of each sleeve to represent the iconic French design of the mariniere. The shirt’s constructed collar also seeks to echo French style with a long placket and a bonded tape around the edge of the collars.

Inside the back of the neck is the message ‘Nos differences nous unissent’ (Our differences unite us), which proudly celebrates Modern day multi-cultural France and their diverse population.

The away shorts are white with a tonal print of the mariniere in a panel on each side, and the away socks, now with improved cushioning for greater comfort, movement and protection, are also white.


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