Umbro New York Cosmos Whiteout Collection

This past summer we experienced Umbro’s New York Cosmos Blackout Collection that drew inspiration from Carlos Alberto’s arrival in NYC during the famed blackout of ’77. Now Umbro is turning the tables with the New York Cosmos Whiteout Collection:

February 5th, 1978: a blizzard hits New York that brings the city to a standstill. The city that never sleeps suddenly found itself battling against record snowfall, a white blanket wrapped around the iconic skyline. It was a tough time for the city, but it’s also a time when many New Yorkers came together to help each other out. Needless to say, the blizzard had a disruptive effect on the football fixtures at the time, but 1978 was still a good year for the New York Cosmos. The club were in the midst of their most successful period, winning the North American Soccer League for the second time and attracting record crowds.

Tee Shirt:

Graphic Tee:

Drill Top:

Taped Track Jacket:

Anthem Jacket:

Swag. That Drill Top, and the entire range for that matter, is real nice.

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