On the first day, Brooks Peck and Carter Daly created Dirty Tackle. And it was good.

On the second through sixth days they did some other stuff. And that was pretty good, too.

But on the seventh day, they created The Beautiful Gear — a blog mildly committed to showing you goods and wares relating to the beautiful game that will make you frantically throw money out of your wallet to acquire. And it was freaking awesome.

In the proceeding days Brooks Peck and Carter Daly continued to deliver freaking awesome content to The Beautiful Gear, and it has developed considerably since we began way back in 2010.

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We’ve done some pretty cool stuff in the past, and our blog demonstrates our interest in the beautiful game of football. Brooks Peck and Carter Daly will continue to develop the blog, and ensure it remains a pretty good location for football players and fans alike.

Please enjoy as we revel in the materialistic glory of football together.

TBG featured as Umbro UK‘s “what we’re reading” site of the month for March 2011.

Also featured atop Guardian football‘s “favourite things this week” list.

TBG is recognized for unearthing the glory of Portman Kunis United through the “Your Beautiful Gear Contest” by Sports Illustrated, Film Drunk, ESPN, and countless other blogs.